Experts in creating effective campaigns that align with your goals.

We become your extended influencer team and will craft strategies, identify influencers, and execute campaigns that will engage your target audiences.

Our next-gen influencer marketing platform, IZEA Flex, will track and measure the performance of your campaigns. We’ll provide detailed analytics and reports that help understand how your campaign is performing and make adjustments as needed to ensure the best possible results.

Our talent has worked with the best companies in the world


Get flexible support on strategic work from world-class independent marketing and communications talent

Our network of vetted talent is available for all your hiring needs, offering freelance, temp-to-perm or advisory services.


Hire premium, pre-vetted communications and marketing talent on-demand. Build fractional marketing and communication teams with Publicistden.


Book 1-1 video calls with our expert network of C-suite executives across all industries.


Access expanded talent on-demand services that streamline talent sourcing and meet your company’s needs.


Get support with hiring premium talent for permanent roles at your company.

Sasha M.

PR Specialist and Fundraise Specialist Freelancer - Creative - London

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Build a profile and portfolio to show the world what you can do. Be part of a celebrated community of vetted talent.
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We have a range of opportunities from short term projects to fractional roles with a set hours per week to long term contractor roles. You decide what to apply too and pitch!
End-to-end seamless service
Chat with clients, sign contracts and documents, exchange deliverables, and get your invoices paid all through Publicistden.

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